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Today the packaging printing industry is in the technical versatility that never achieved before. The high customer's expectation will be impossible to meet if without the sophisticated printing technology. In RGP, we are totally committed to produce top quality packaging printing results. As such, we work aggressively to improve our machinery and equipment in order to enhance our competitiveness.


Flexo Box Equipments
Paperboard equipments:
Rengo Pack has two corrugated paperboard production lines. They are capable of producing A flute, B flute, C flute and E flute, which can be freely combined to double wall (AB, AC, BC, BE and CE) and triple wall (ACB). The production capacity is 150,000 meters on a daily basis.
Flexo Box Equipments:
2 sets of 3-color Taiwan made TCY press with slotting unit
1 set of 3-color Taiwan made Flexo presses
2 sets of French-made Martin with auto rotary die cutting unit
2 sets of 2-color Flexo presses
Production Capacity: 180,000 pieces of Flexo boxes per day
Other equipments:
1 set of UK computerized ink blender.
32 sets of stiching machines.
6 sets of gluing machines

Pre-press Facilities
a Color Adjustment aFilm Outputting aPlate Making


Offset Box Equipments
Offset Box Equipments
several sets of German-made KBA
Production capacity: 160,000 boxes/day
Supplementary Equipments
9 sets of offset label sticking machines
2 sets of automatic laminators
1set of polishing machine
1 set of UV varnishing machine
1 set of automatic plastic laminator
5 sets of manual laminator
19 sets of die cutters
1 set of automatic die cutter
1 set of British-made auto printing-down
frame and P.S plate processor
1 set of Flexo automatic printing-down
frame and Flexo processor

Testing Lab
Advanced And Reliable Testing Equipments:
RGP owns a professional testing center with advanced equipment. It enables functions such as testing compression strength, puncture strength, bursting strength, ring crush strength, pin adhesive strength, thickness and etc.
We are also capable of conducting viscosity test of the glue and water ink.